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Designing Your Granite and Quartz Kitchen Countertops: What to Consider

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Are you renovating your Morehead City beach house, or perhaps dressing up the family home for retirement? When updating your kitchen, what will your new countertops look like? You know that you want granite or perhaps quartz, but what else do you need to think about?

A Single or Contrasting Colors for Back Counters and the Island

When opening up a mid-century home, you may have a massive open-concept kitchen in mind. If you opt for granite countertops in a single color, it does a great job of unifying the space. But if you think that might be too much white, you may want to opt for a dark gray back counter with a lighter island countertop to help define workspaces.

Pairing Countertop Edges that Complement Your Cabinetry

Did you know that you can select the edges to go with your custom quartz countertops? The shape of the edge can be formed to echo the panels in your traditional cabinetry or use a simple miter to emphasize the Shaker style that you chose. A counter-to-floor waterfall adds drama to your luxury home decor.

Added Island Depth for Cozy Seating

This is your chance to finally add an island to your new kitchen. How will you use that glorious extra granite countertop? It could be a serving buffet or a school lunch prep station. If you extend the stone an extra foot, pull up a pair of stools for a cozy weeknight dinner table. Take a moment to ensure that your counters are sized to support their intended function.

Matching Tables and Shelves in Your Open Concept Living Area

You are pouring all your energy and money into a stunning new living space with a fully updated kitchen. But how do you merge your overstuffed couch with the new cabinets and countertops? Request a matching serving wall buffet with a granite top or order extra quartz shelves to display cherished keepsakes throughout the area.

A Granite Backsplash or Wall Accent of Your Dreams

More trending home designers are incorporating stone on walls in both the kitchen and bath. Instead of a mosaic or glass tile backsplash, think about what it would be like to have your granite continue up the wall. This can be especially stunning with cathedral ceilings and custom range hoods.

Working with Trusted Professionals for the Best Countertop Designs in Morehead City

Does it feel like there are too many choices to make during the design phase of your new kitchen? When you bring in trusted professionals like the folks at Onslow Stoneworks in Morehead City, they can help guide you in the final selection and design process. Your sales associate knows what colors and styles are trending and what might look dated.

Visit their showroom located right here in town and bring your inspiration boards, your designer, samples, and an open mind. You may end up with a surprising design highlighted by some of the most beautiful custom granite and quartz countertops in the area.

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