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Ways to Increase Your Combat Power in the Evernight Deity

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The massively popular online game, Diety of Evernight, requires players to defeat bosses, conquer challenges, and level up to boost their combat power. This article provides some advice to help gamers excel at the game and raise their combat power.

Improving Skill Sets

Gaining combat power can be achieved by advancing your level. In Diety of Evernight, completing daily tasks, like the Daily Task, Dharma Ancestral Hall, and God of War instances, can swiftly provide a good amount of experience, which is an imperative component for leveling up quickly.

In order to gain entry to the Dharma Ancestral Hall, one must possess a pass. This can be acquired randomly through synthesis of materials within the Cultivation mode, or they can opt to buy it with bound ingots. For those with VIP4 or higher, it is suggested that they purchase extra instance limits. This will provide them with more opportunities to level up and advance quickly.

Upgrading Equipment

Replacing old tools and machines with newer ones is an essential part of equipment upgrades. By doing so, companies can improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce the time needed to complete tasks. Furthermore, the investment in new equipment can also increase worker safety and improve the quality of the products they produce. Companies should therefore consider investing in modern equipment when possible.

In Diety of Evernight, the best way to get better gear is to beat world bosses by investing stamina or complete the Sword Demon’s Mirage instance with your instance limits. This may give you a chance to acquire the necessary gear. Additionally, you can use synthesizing to attain higher grade armor and use equipment resonance.

When constructing equipment, it is beneficial to ensure that each slot is developed equally in order to get the most advantageous forging power while using the same amount of copper coins. This will also provide the highest enhancement bonus. Additionally, any remaining equipment can be consumed by the Sky-Swallowing Whale to gain experience and bolster your combat power, or you can donate it to your gang for gang contribution points. These points can be traded for different pieces of equipment in the gang warehouse. Not only does the world boss mode have the potential to drop equipment, but also martial arts manuals. These books not only activate their individual bonus, but also initiate multiple martial arts resonances, which is an additional way to increase combat power.

Partnering, Mounting, Divinely Forging Weapons, Concealed Arms, and Growing Up Wings

As an alternative to increasing one’s combat power through leveling up and equipping upgrades, players can also raise their strength by enhancing their partners, mounts, divine weapons, hidden weapons and wings. When the max level is attained, unlocking new partners and mounts can also boost the combat power. Having various partners and mounts is also one of the great aspects of the game.

It is noteworthy that, apart from the items themselves, the transmogrification of costumes, pets, partners, and divine weapons can also upgrade one’s combat power, making it advantageous for those fond of gathering costumes.


Attending activities is a great way to boost your combat strength. Diety of Evernight has a selection of events that present rewards like experience, gear, and bound ingots. Listed below are some of the events you can join:

The Martial Arts Tournament will be taking place at 9:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, continuing until 9:30 pm. There is an opportunity to compete in up to ten matches, and upon victory in all of them, you will be rewarded with three boxes containing Wing Essence and Purple Essence Chest.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, players will have the chance to participate in the Tianshan Treasure event from 8:00 pm to 8:15 pm. It is a 1v1 random PK and players will be rewarded according to their ranking when the event ends.

Enhancing Combat Force

There are further methods to increase the strength of a combat unit, such as upgrading equipment and training personnel. By taking these steps, the ability to fight effectively can be significantly elevated.

As you advance in the game, you will gain access to more ways to increase your strength in battle. Here are a few:

Upon achieving a certain level, players are able to use the Dragon Vein System. This system grants them the capability to improve their skills and increase their battle strength.

Once players reach level 240, the Scripture Pavilion feature becomes available to them. Through this, they can gain access to new martial arts techniques which can offer a considerable boost to their battle strength.

Once part of a gang, players can access the Gang Heart Method which grants them the ability to build on their gang-exclusive abilities, thereby increasing their combat strength.


To raise your battle capability in Diety of Evernight, you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to tasks and copies to gain experience and gear. Fortunately, with the help of RedFinger Android simulator, we can speed up our gaming experience and save precious time.

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