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Is it Possible to Repair a Scratched, Chipped, or Cracked Quartz or Granite Countertop

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You are looking at a significant investment to add custom quartz or granite countertops to your Toledo area home. Some customers want to know what happens if their new counters get scratched or damaged.

Granite and Quartz Countertops are Stain, Scratch, and Heat-Resistant

First, it is fairly difficult to damage a stone countertop. When properly maintained using mild soap and cutting boards, your counters can keep their like-new appearance for 10 to 20 years or longer. However, if your beautiful counters suffer some damage, your local countertop professionals at The Countertop Shop can likely help.

Erasing Minor Scratches

Shallow surface scratches can often be eliminated using a polishing cloth, sandpaper or an orbital sander. It is important to work with an experienced technician who knows how to achieve an even polish and maintain a flat surface.

Filling Chips to Match the Surface

If your countertop gets chipped due to a heavy object being dropped on it from a height, we can likely minimize the look and feel of the ding. The divot is filled with a mix of ground stone, resin, and colorant. Flecks can be added to match the natural speckled appearance of the counter. Once dry, it is polished to a flat finish that closely matches the rest of the counter.

Professionals Can Repair Some Cracks with In-Home Service

Not all cracks will run through the depth of the counter. Surface cracks are filled using similar techniques to chips. The resins used are the same ones applied in the manufacture of quartz, so the result is just as durable. More significant blemishes require an onsite evaluation, so we can recommend the best approach to a repair.

Repairing Your Granite Could Offer Significant Savings

In many cases, refinishing or repairing your countertop will save you thousands compared to replacing the counter. The results are often nearly invisible and will keep your kitchen countertops working through their intended lifespan.

Call to Schedule Service with Our Own Team of Technicians

If your granite or quartz counters could use a little TLC to restore their beauty, give us a call at The Countertop Shop serving the greater Toledo and Perrysburg area. Our own countertop experts will visit your home to either repair or provide an estimate.

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